WWE SmackDown Results 28.10.2011 نتائج السماكدون قبل البث التلفزيوني

WWE SmackDown Results 28.10.2011
 نتائج السماكدون قبل البث التلفزيوني

فتتح العرض تيدي لونج وحدد المين إفنت كريسيتان ضد سي أم بونك

أرتروث وميز هزموا إفان بورن وكوفي كينجستون

ويد باريت هزم ترينت باريتا

راندي اورتين هزم دولف زيجلر وكان كودي رودز يجلس وراء طاولة التعليق

دانيل براين هزم تايسون كيد

يخرج بيج شو ويتحدث عما حدث معه في مباراة الفينجنس ويقول أن لديه مباراة عوده

سي أم بونك هزم كريستيان

 وكانت هناك مساعدة من ألبيرتو ديل ريو وريكاردو رودركيز لـ كريستيان

ولكن جاء شيمس للأنقاذ وسمح لبونك أن ينفذ GTS على كريستيان.

WWE SmackDown Results 28.10.2011 Before show on tv

* Teddy Long opens the show and talks about the fate of the World Heavyweight Title. Christian comes out and as usual wants a title shot. CM Punk interrupts him and apparently Teddy has brought some RAW stars to tonight's show. Punk vs. Christian is announced for tonight.

* The Miz and R-Truth beat Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston in a quick non-title match when Truth pinned Kofi. Truth and Miz cut a promo after the match and teased that The Rock may take out John Cena before they can.

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd and Santino Marella. Santino proposes Bryan vs. Kidd to see who's best later tonight.

* Wade Barrett beat Trent Baretta in another quick match.

* Randy Orton beat Dolph Ziggler in another non-title match. This will probably end up being match of the night. Orton won with the RKO. After the match, Orton had a staredown with Cody Rhodes, who did commentary for the match.

* Backstage interview with Matt Striker and the fake Sin Cara. He has a new look and is out to get the original Sin Cara.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd in less than five minutes with the LaBell Lock. I'm pretty sure Bryan came out to a new theme song as well.

* Michael Cole got our attention and ripped on Jim Ross some more, showing the fake photos from RAW again. Cole says JR has accepted his challenge and The Michael Cole Challenge is on for Monday.

* Big Show comes out to talk about Vengeance and the match against Mark Henry. Show says he has a rematch coming and out comes Henry. Henry said he's moving on from Show but they had a staredown to end the segment.

* CM Punk defeated Christian in the main event that saw interference from Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. Sheamus distracted Christian, allowing Punk to hit the GTS for the win.


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